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GET {Creative} Online Internship

"Thank you to everyone on the GET Creative Team. What I thought would be a complicated exercise turned out to be a smooth experience. Appreciate everyone’s help to get this online course going in our school" - Linda Barnett, Careers/Gateway Coordinator Hornby High School

The Internship Basics:

  • When you sign up for the GET {Creative} Marketing Internship you will become a part of the team

  • You will be supported and mentored by our GET {Creative} Team Leader while also completing the Level 3 & 4 21 credit online course

  • Your work placement link is with our GET {Creative} Business Unit

  • The GET {Creative} team provides support and guidance to create, develop and market products, services and events

  • With our support, you will complete 6 assessment tasks over the next 8 weeks

  • With our support, you will complete your work placement links with the GET {Creative} team over the next 8 weeks

  • With our support, you will create a SEED product, service or event over the next 8 weeks

  • As interns, your first project will be to create something from SEED. (Select, Evaluate, Execute, Deliver) This means, you think of a cool idea and we help you make it happen!


Our GET {Creative} Team Leader will guide you through the process and if you get stuck, you can call, text or email on your allocated work day.

The Team Leader is the person you should be talking to every week and they are responsible for guiding you in the right direction to succeed. They will check in and see that you have completed your online tasks and workbook activities at the end of each week.

If you are having scheduling difficulites, the dog ate your homework or you are not well, you need to contact your Team Leader and let them know! Remember, we are here to help you succeed :) 

During your 8 weeks with us, there will be times you need a specialist Mentor to help you create, develop, pitch or distribute your SEED product, service or event. Your Team Leader will be able to put you in touch with the right Mentor at the right time to contribute to your success.

Our Mentors have business experience and can talk you over hurdles and through brick walls. They are our Superheros :) 

SEED Stories


Imogen - 17 years

Imogen had an idea to create a line of pens with inspiring messages on them to share around her school. There had been alot of cyber bullying in her school and she hoped it would help if she spread some positive words around that people could keep and read every day.  She chose 3 different messages and printed each of them 100 times on different coloured pens.  Before she printed them, she took the drawings and ideas to her principal and he agreed to sponsor the printing costs to get it off the ground. Imogen has since taken the idea to a few other schools near her home and they have agreed to sponsor some pens for their schools as well.  Imogen charged a little more for the pens the next few times, and has managed to make a small profit. This has allowed her to use the profits to start thinking about launching other ideas she has.

Carl - 19 years

Carl had always wanted to start his own clothing line. He decided to use this opportunity to create a line of T-Shirts with his own unique personal designs.  He was able to raise the funds through family and friends to print his first T-Shirt, and once he figured out who his market was - he was able to sell them to order. He now has three different designs and is still selling to his target market with ease!

Rachel - 18 years

Rachel loves home furnishings... in fact she is so obsessed she decided to make her own line of fun and funky stuff for your home.  She started with a SEED, creating cushion covers with her own modern twist on old school quilting using material she had lying around at home. She invited a group of her Mums friends around for a "cushion party" where she sold 5 cushions in one night. The rest... so they  say... is history!

Johnny and Peter - 19 years

Johnny and Peter are artists, they have a creative flare that is out of this world.  They were so keen to draw and doodle, it would often disrupt their class work and became a distraction rather than a tool.  GET {Creative} took them on and helped them to create a plan which put their talent to work.  They decided they wanted to create decals to stick on the backs of surf, snow and skate boards. With the help of a mentor, they were able to work with a local screen printer to understand the process and then they sourced some start up sponsorship for their first prints. They now sell their decals to local surf, snow and skate shops and are hoping to go nationwide over the coming 2 years.

 Louise - 18 years

Louise has a heart to make a difference in the lives of family’s who are coping with terminally ill children. She decided she wanted to set up an event at the local Ronald McDonald House that would bring some joy, if only for a moment, to the lives of those sick children.  She gathered support from local businesses and for $0 was able to create a fun day for the children and their families. She had a family quiz with donated prizes, free entertainers, balloons, goody bags and she managed to get a couple of local sports heroes to attend.  It was an amazing day and the kids at Ronald McDonald House loved it.