The GET Group Story

The GET Group is a bold and courageous business. We are always looking for new ways to do things and work hard to influence the educational landscape in New Zealand. We are very strong minded and fiercely believe in people. Our most endearing quality is our kind hearted and hardworking TEAM. The GET Group is the kind of business you want to hang out with – we inspire, support, care and above all… we always, always have fun!

The GET Group is a people first business that is passionate about providing simple and accessible learning opportunities to people in New Zealand. We have successfully delivered employment training to both adults and young people through our NZQA based programmes and short courses.

Founded in 2015, The GET Group has worked hard to become a Category 1 approved provider with NZQA, which is the best of the best in a competitive world 😊

We specialise in ‘Transition to Work’ programmes for young people, with the aim of building confident work ready people. Our courses are run in collaboration with Secondary Schools, Individuals and forward thinking businesses across New Zealand.

Managing Directors

Noeline COOK & Angela Spice-Ridley


Founders, Noels and Ange GET what it is like to seek a fulfilling career but not know where to start. Once they discovered their passion they decided to create an innovative training group dedicated to building confident work ready young people – and The GET Group was born.

A word from Noels;


“We wanted to create a place where people can grow, where we all work together to create a better future for our team and our clients. We have always believed that ‘making a difference’ is more important than ‘making money’ which means we always make people our priority.

Our goal is to create innovative solutions to training which enrich young peoples lives, and enable them to grow and develop in a world that isn’t always easy.

We are advocates for collaboration and love partnering with other organisations to create new opportunities for young people. We would love to hear from you if you have an idea on how to create a pathway to employment for a young person.

Our motto; Whatever you are thinking… think BIGGER! Everything is possible!”


Our Superhero’s


At The GET Group all of our team are Superheroes. They are experts in saying 'YES' and doing everything in their power to make things work for you.. Being part of the community is as important as supporting our future leaders, so to ensure we hit the mark, we have a nationwide team out there doing amazing things:

Our local Superhero’s work hard to serve our clients and ensure that everything is localised to suit the needs of the region.